Since the mid 1800’s we have been developing the skill and knowledge to accommodate any plumbing needs.  From the simple faucet repair to the basic remodel to the most custom new construction project you can create, Seward Plumbing is able to meet and exceed your needs.  We provide plumbing services in any aspect of the trade, whether it is needed in a residence, a commercial building, or an industrial application.  We have provided our services and expertise to many local homeowners and businesses.  We know your satisfaction is crucial to any job.  We strive to install the best materials in the best way.  Let our work speak for itself.  Its easy to tell the difference from a job plumbed by Seward Plumbing and a job plumbed by the other guys.  Not only will we complete your plumbing needs in a legal and professional manor, we will also provide you with input on how to improve your design and make it more cost effective.

We strive to use the best materials.  Seward Plumbing prefers the use of Schedule 40 PVC drain waste and venting materials and type L copper.  We also recommend Rheem water heaters and American Standard plumbing fixtures which include chinaware and faucets. We also sell and install Northstar water conditioning systems.

Beyond new plumbing installation, we service all plumbing repair needs.  We repair and replace existing piping including water and drain of all types.  We also offer sewer and drain cleaning and Gen-eye camera pipe inspection.

***Upgrade Your Plumbing System

If you have old galvanized and cast iron drain lines that seep, are cracked or leak, we can replace your drain systems with pvc pipe for a better looking, better working and more sanitary environment.

If your water system consists of old galvanized or old brass waterlines that have become restricted or began leaking over the years, we can replace them with new waterlines that will improve the volume of water to each fixture.  We offer different types of quality waterlines to meet every budget.

If your water heater is over six years old, has began leaking, doesn’t heat properly or is outdated and inefficient, we can replace it.  We can also talk to you about changing to a new high efficiency tankless water heater.  Tankless water heaters do cost more up front, but do carry longer warranties and save you more money over its lifetime by not wasting energy to heat water when you don't need it. 

If you have a bathroom or kitchen faucet that is corroded, dripping or just doesn't appeal to you, we can replace it with new, lifetime warranted, faucets.  Call our office to schedule an appointment to look at the many faucets we  can provide in many styles and colors.

Don’t forget about kitchen and bath remodels.  We can help you with all your remodel needs.



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Tub and shower faucet with diverter and hand held shower on tile walls.

Tankless water heater installed to replace existing 50 gal electric tank.